The Great Manipulation
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Majisme wants to be considered to be more than just a style of painting or plastic art.
Majisme is a loud scream. When I say a scream, I mean a real scream out of desperation and anger against the deterioration of our freedom of thought and freedom of expression.
We live in an era where the artist, symbol of freedom and creativity, is being forced to bend for certain established powers made to prevent being shocking, to force to walk a certain path, to mould, to unify and minimize to eventually make it disappear.
Majisme is the exact opposite and will break the establishment, like Socrates said: “the spirits deliver”. It also exists to show the people who refuse to see that art is not just to be found inside museums but everywhere around us. This goes for the artists as well.
Majisme wants to reveal positivism and creativity, which exists deep down in every human being.











Being a Majist is giving the best of oneself and eventually to be able to see creativity jump without any taboo, also in the choice of an artwork and in the choice of the material to be used.
Majisme is also a way of living and thinking, to remove if possible, the restrictions laid down by the system ‘arto-castrateur’, which favours the privileged and submissive upper-class.
A Majist is a rebel in his art and in his way of living; a Majist is a person who craves for freedom and justice. A Majist is an artist full of talent, who is racked with hunger in the street. A Majist is an artist who fights with all of his soul to give back to art its predestined place; a place that should have never been deserted.
Majisme obliges us to become conscious of merely art, only the most beautiful of all human creations can still save our world.  

Majisme is us, it’s you. Yes you the painter, the singer, the sculptor and the musician, the artist who refuses to be academically correct, but on the contrary throws the most intense emotions in our face without honeyed bourgeois preparation, simply to just show us art in its nude virginity.










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