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The Great Manipulation
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In December of 2011 a privat exhibition was held at the invitation of Prince James Hejazi. Majo met him at a birthday party of his friend Jean-Barthélémy Bojassa, the grandson of the emperor Bokassa. During this party Majo was knighted to the imperial order of this family.








Welcome to the website of the artist Majo!


Majo has been a professional painter for over 40 years.

At the beginning of his artistic career there was still a lot of surrealistic elements to be found in his work. During the years this became less and he developed his own style called Majisme. Majo's style is charac-terized by the fact that Majo does not know any taboos, because of which he is free to cross his own boun-daries and make his inexhaustible fanasty come to live in a colourfull way. Every painting has its own theme and story. Majo never makes the same painting twice, therefore Majo writes with paint.











Majo and Prince James Hejazi
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New book of the artist Majo!

The book contains 104 pages with Majo’s biography, more about Majisme and a selection of the many paintings he has created througout his career up until today.